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When the cancellation is made on the day of your reservation, 100% of your order will be charged as cancellation fee.

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Historic scenes and the passion of the Ishin patriots,

Traditional Japanese Restaurant with the Meiji Restoration’s remnants

Nagasaki Port is also called ‘the Crane Port’ because it looks like a crane spreading its wings when seen from high above.

A slope town with a rich history and a unique culture spreading along the port is Nagasaki.

The ‘Wakaran Culture’ is a distinctive characteristic of Nagasaki.  It literally means ‘the Japanese culture mixed with Chinese and Dutch ones.’  It was rooted long ago in Nagasaki and has been handed down carefully from generation to generation.

An exotic townscape with the unique local culture mixed with Chinese and Western ones

The townscape and the culture change little by little as time goes by, but there are places that retain the atmosphere of the good old days.

Teramachi Street, which is lined with 2 Shinto shrines and 14 Buddhist temples, is one of those places.

While walking along this cobbled street, you will soon find spacious and quiet scenery like a select hideaway.

Ichiriki is located on this street known for its romantic atmosphere in Nagasaki.

The space where the past coexists with the present and the stately atmosphere coexists with the relaxing one.  Only the traditional Japanese restaurant which represents Nagasaki can make it possible to produce this comfortable blending.

Such staging and hospitality are also Ichiriki’s imposed assignments.

Entertain leaving people and share the memorable and precious time together.

Now, go through the Noren curtain and step into the extra-special space awaiting you quietly and gently.


Lunch: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Dinner: 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

​  ※Closed: Irregularly

【Precautions when entering the store】

We ask that you refrain from entering the store barefoot, so please wear socks.

Restaurant Coupon Gift

Responding to the requests from our customers, now our restaurant coupons are available.

We are selling them over the counter.  We would be grateful if you could call us beforehand.

Use our coupon as a heartfelt thank-you gift to those who have helped you.

How To Get Here:

JR Nagasaki Station (train):                  approx. 7 min by taxi

Dejima Expressway Nagasaki IC:      approx. 10 min by car

Get off at City Hall (streetcar):           approx. 5 min on foot


8-20 Suwa-Machi, Nagasaki (Tera-Machi Street)

Traditional Japanese Restaurant ICHIRIKI



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