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Enjoy a moment of relaxation gracefully and slowly in a pleasant and extraordinary space.


A spacious room is an essential condition for having a pleasant talk in a friendly atmosphere.

Every furnishing good with its history and origins is of excellent quality.

Turning your attention to the garden, you can feel and enjoy the change of the four seasons of Nagasaki.  Pulling down Misu blinds in summer, beautiful colored leaves in autumn and the crisp air that suits the traditional Japanese atmosphere in winter.

Cozy small rooms are also available for having more relaxing time.  Being away from the hustle and bustle, spend a comfortable time in a calm atmosphere.

Wedding Reception

We can provide perfect venues for wedding-related auspicious occasions from an Omiai meeting and an engagement ceremony to a wedding ceremony.

Ichiriki, filled with a Japanese-taste atmosphere, offers a traditional Shinto-style wedding.

A bride is in a white wedding kimono and a groom wears a haori and hakama, a Japanese-style kimono for men.  The ceremony is led by a Shinto priest solemnly according to Shinto rites.

The ceremony which is conducted in a solemn and somber manner will become a lifetime memory and a proof of bonding for a newly-wed couple.

Ichiriki provides the scene for a truly memorable wedding.

Whatever you require, our professional staff will facilitate all the arrangement.

Memorial Service

Ichiriki can be the best place for mourning ceremonies and Buddhist memorial services

with our heartfelt care and attention.

We are conveniently located on Teramachi Street, which is lined with 2 Shinto shrines and 14 Buddhist temples, to get together for memorial services.

Use Ichiriki as a place to develop a deep and warm personal relationship with the family and the relatives by having a nice long talk about the deceased.

All seats and rooms are away from the hustle and bustle.  We can provide various rooms from small ones to a big ballroom which can accommodate 100 people for your relaxing time.  Chairs are also available according to your plan.

How To Get Here:

JR Nagasaki Station (train):                  approx. 7 min by taxi

Dejima Expressway Nagasaki IC:      approx. 10 min by car

Get off at City Hall (streetcar):           approx. 5 min on foot


8-20 Suwa-Machi, Nagasaki (Tera-Machi Street)

Traditional Japanese Restaurant ICHIRIKI



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