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We offer the taste of Nagasaki solemnly and casually.

Enjoy our specialty dishes wrapped with our cordial hospitality.

Shippoku Cuisine

Nagasaki Shippoku cuisine is a unique Japanese cuisine developed in Nagasaki by absorbing  Chinese and Western tastes.  Ichiriki serves authentic Nagasaki Shippoku Cuisine backed by its 400-year history.  2 to 7 persons share one table here.  Enjoy the orthodox Nagasaki tastes and our chefs' exceptional cooking skills in Ichiriki.

Lunch:  \7,920/\10,560/\13,200
Dinner: \13,200/\15,840/\19,800

※Minimum 2 persons(reservation needed)


Kaiseki Cuisine:

Kaiseki cuisine is the most formal traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine eaten on special occasions.  Using the freshest local ingredients of the season and cooked with care and skill to enhance their original taste.

Lunch:  \7,920/\10,560/\13,200
Dinner: \13,200/\15,840/\19,800

※Minimum 2 persons(reservation needed)

Hime-Jyu Shippoku:

Enjoy our authentic Shippoku cuisine in a casual manner.  The dishes which are essential for Shippoku cuisine are served in three-layer lacquered box.

Lunch Only

\3,300 (reservation needed)

Hime-Jyu Shippoku Zanmai:

Enjoy a little luxurious lunch we serve with confidence.  The dish name literally means being absorbed in Shippoku.  Fresh sashimi and our specialty dessert are added to the regular Hime-Jyu Shippoku.

Lunch Only

\5,500(reservation needed)


   Lunch: Cash Only    Dinner: Cash or Credit Card

 The price includes consumption tax and service charge.

The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Dishes are subject to change depending on season, weather and availability.

Please call us for more information.

How To Get Here:

JR Nagasaki Station (train):                  approx. 7 min by taxi

Dejima Expressway Nagasaki IC:      approx. 10 min by car

Kokaido-Mae Stop (streetcar):           approx. 5 min on foot


8-20 Suwa-Machi, Nagasaki (Tera-Machi Street)

Traditional Japanese Restaurant ICHIRIKI



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