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The start of Ichiriki’s over 200 years history

which connects the end of the Edo period and the present

Ichiriki was founded in 1813 in the midst of the Kasei culture which flourished among townspeople.  And it was a transition period to the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Many activists trying to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate including Shinsaku Takasugi, Kaoru Inoue and Ryoma Sakamoto came down to Nagasaki.  They must have sit down at Ichiriki’s round table and discussed heatedly the future of Japan.

Ichiriki, the oldest traditional Japanese restaurant in Nagasaki.

One more thing which symbolizes the history of Ichiriki is ‘Kouta Tatsumi.’  Kouta is a traditional Japanese short song with shamisen accompaniment.  

This Kouta song was created by Sanzo, the headmaster of a school of Tokiwazu traditional Japanese songs, and Shinsui Ito, a famous Japanese-style painter.  It is said that they were singing this Kouta song while soaking in our Goemon bath.

There is a stone monument on which its lyrics were engraved beside the restaurant entrance.

The monument which was erected in commemoration of its 165th anniversary is a page of Ichiriki’s long history.  Why don’t you stop and focus on its long and rich history before stepping into the unique world through the Noren curtain?

How To Get Here:

JR Nagasaki Station (train):                  approx. 7 min by taxi

Dejima Expressway Nagasaki IC:      approx. 10 min by car

Get off at City Hall (streetcar):           approx. 5 min on foot


8-20 Suwa-Machi, Nagasaki (Tera-Machi Street)

Traditional Japanese Restaurant ICHIRIKI



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